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The Children’s Desk test winners in our comparison


Kettler Comfort Desk Little Soleil Study Desk
Student Desk Test 2015 Kids Desk Test winners 2015

Test winner Kettler Comfort Desk

After countless comparisons and tests we chose the Kettler Comfort Desk as our winner. This desk is one of the few that have a divided tilting plate (and thus the possibility for something laying on the desk, or installing a monitor). Its design and sophisticated concept convinced us. For us it was very important to buy a desk which doesn’t have the whole plate slanted, so that you can put something on the desk. We have yet to put in a roll container, but the shared disk is incredibly practical.

Main features:

  • flexible tiltable worktop (1/3 securely mounted – left or right, tilted 2/3)
  • between the plate parts a gap of about 2.5 cm – makes a pinch of the fingers impossible
  • estimated time for assembly: about 1.5 hours
  • tabletop can be lowered to 51 cm. Thus the desk can also be used for children from 5 years of age
  • maximum height of the plate: 78 cm
  • available with tabletop in beech or completely white

The parts of the Kettler Kids Comfort are meticulously crafted and can easily be assembled in a logical sequence. There remain no protruding edges or burrs where you could get hurt. By means of the two rollers built into the legs the desk can be moved easily across the room without ruining laminate or carpeted flooring.


  • parted tabletop (enough space for lamp, pens, etc.)
  • can be lowered more than any other student desk
  • secure adjustment of the tabletop by the child is possible
  • due to the wide adjustment in height (51-78cm) the desk can last all the school years


  • no hook for schoolbag
  • slightly more expensive than some other models

Our conclusion: if you are looking for a children’s desk or a student’s desk which is cleanly made, safe in all its functions, and has a split tabletop, the Kettler Comfort Desk is the clear winner and certainly the first choice. However, you must also be willing to spend more on quality.

Kettler Comfort Desk, Beech/Silver
  • Optimal design for ergonomically correct posture
  • Desktop accommodates left-handed and right-handed children and young adults
  • A third of desktop permanently mounted, other two-thirds can be adjusted
  • Practical utensils tray
  • Bag hooks included
ApexDesk ALSD2128-PK 44' W Little Soleil Children's Height Adjustable Study Desk, Wild Pink
5 Reviews
ApexDesk ALSD2128-PK 44" W Little Soleil Children's Height Adjustable Study Desk, Wild Pink
  • Height adjustable by hand crank from 21" to 28"
  • Split top tilts up to 60 degrees
  • Anti-scratch, anti-scuff and easy-clean laminate surface 44"W x 27.5"D
  • All corners and edges are rounded & rubber-banded