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Moll Champion Kids Desk Adjustable Height

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$500,00 $1.453,00

Last updated at: July 19, 2018 2:12 pm
Moll Champion Kids Desk Adjustable Height

The Moll Champion childrens cesk includes a book holder that folds flat for portability. Customize with color to match any decor and switch colors as your child’s tastes change…Moll is a German brand, and the excellent engineering that German manufacturers are known for is evident in this product.

The Appeal of the Moll Kids Desk Champion

Nowadays, even young children need a desk for studying, reading and writing. But you can’t just get a regular desk and call it a day, since it will probably be too big for them. And even a regular children’s desk won’t do, because kids grow fast and a perfectly sized desk won’t be so perfect in less than a year. But you don’t have to keep on buying new desks—all you need is the Moll Kids Desk Champion.


Take a look at the Moll Champion Adjustable Desk’s features below:

  • Height-Adjustable. The height can easily be adjusted, and in fact there’s an easy to use pulley designed like a yoyo that lets children to the adjustments. So the height can range from 20.87 inches to 32.29 inches. In fact, the dimensions of the Moll Champion are ideal for kids and adults ranging from 3.57 feet to 6.56 feet tall. You get the ergonomic benefits that reduce the strain on the child’s neck and back, from pre-school all the way through high school.
  • 3 Desk Surface Styles. They all measure 47.25 inches by 28.3125 inches. The desk surface tilts by 20 degrees, but you have several styles to choose from. In Front Up, the entire work surface can tilt, and a surface on the back of the desk provides some storage space. With Left Up Split Top, the left side has a tilting work surface, so it’s great for right-handed children. For left-handed children, the Right Up Split Top has the tilting surface on the right.
  • Attractive Colors. Children develop different tastes in colors as they grow older, and Moll knows that. It’s why the Moll Champion can be dressed up with assorted color covers for the yoyo pulley and for the leg runners. Moll offers 8 different attractive colors to match the mood of the child or to go better with the room’s interior design.
  • Rolling Casters. These casters on the base of the desk legs mean that you can easily move the desk from one location to another.
  • Special Storage. On the tilted surface, there’s a magnetic anti-slip strip that keeps the child’s books in place. There’s also a ruler built in, as well as a magnifying glass.
  • Back Storage. At the back of the desk, there’s another spacious compartment. It’s ideal for cables and power cords.
  • Resistant to Wear and Tear. It’s made from exclusive melamine resin-coated chipboard. That means it’s very sturdy, yet also easy to clean.
  • Portable Book Holder. This can be attached to the desk, but it can also be folded away in a book bag. This means your child can enjoy ergonomic reading comfort wherever.
  • Customizable. Moll offers separately sold accessories for the Moll Champion. These include a Storage Cube, and adjustable chair, desk surface extension, a desk lamp, and a giant drawer.
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image by Moll Germany

Pros and Cons

This Moll Kids Desk Champion is a winner, as it can offer a lot of convenient features for a child of any age. Its adjustability (including with the colors) means that it really will last for many years.

It’s also very comfortable, and children won’t have to hate being cooped up in front of a desk. In fact, its use can make studying seem like an exciting adventure. It’s great for the back and neck, and it also reduces eye strain. Even left-hand children are accommodated.

But is it perfect? Not quite. There are 2 issues here. First of all, you’ll need to assemble it. You should get some help if you don’t have much experience in these matters, and it will help if you go online and watch videos of how this is done correctly. However, the instructions are quite clear and the parts are perfectly organized. It’s a German brand, remember?

A more pressing issue is the price. While you can go on sites like Amazon and get children’s desks for a little over $100, for this Moll Champion you’ll need $1,300—and that’s already a bargain, as its regular price is actually $1,453. But because you can adjust it as the child grows bigger, it’s actually like buying many different desks through the years.


If you can afford it, then get it for a child just starting with school. Its features can get the child excited about studying, and the height adjustment means you won’t have to buy another desk for many years to come.

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$500,00 $1.453,00

Last updated at: July 19, 2018 2:12 pm
Moll Champion Kids Desk Adjustable Height