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This is a company based in Goodfield, Illinois, and they make a very diverse range of products for various niches. These products include sports and outdoor equipment, mounts and stands for monitors, appliances including projector screens, backpacks and bags, and many more besides.

For Vivo, it’s all about making things easy for their customers. That’s why their children’s desks are very affordable, so that most families can buy them. They’re also easy to assemble, so people without any DIY knowledge can put these together without difficulty.

And the features of the desks (and accompanying chairs) make things easy for children too. The steel frame is very sturdy, drawers provide storage space for materials, the table can be tilted as much as 40 degrees, and a 1-inch stopper keeps children’s hands from being pinched when the table is stilted. What’s more, the desks and chairs can be adjusted as your children grow bigger, so that it can be used from ages 3 to 10 years old.