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South Shore

When it comes to children, often the main organizational problem is what to do with a child’s tendency for clutter. It’s as if they’re inherently unable to return their stuff back to their proper places. And that’s a problem that South Shore Furniture is meant to solve.

South Shore Furniture is actually a manufacturing company based in Quebec, Canada. It was founded way back in 1940, and they’ve always specialized in ready-to assemble affordable furniture. It was founded by Eugène Laflamme and in 1999 his son Jean succeeded him as president of the company. This transition ensures that the founder’s vision remains constant and true.

Their mission is to make furniture and room decorative items a reflection of who their customers are, and that means accommodating their needs in a way they can actually afford. Its affordability is due to the use of materials such as composite wood and laminate and they send their designs to Mexico for manufacture. These desks are very functional and offer features that suit various modern needs, such as computer monitors, computer mice, and keyboards.

Take a look at the South Shore Axess Collection Desk, for example. It’s compact, which is ideal for children’s rooms which tend to be smaller. But the desktop is spacious enough at 42 inches wide for various school projects, along with a laptop or PC monitor. There’s a low hutch for various books. Below the desktop, there’s a shelf that folds in to house a keyboard. There are 2 shelves and a drawer, where the child can put the PC tower along with writing supplies and paper. The back of the table is partially open, so that you have space for the wires that inevitably follow home PCs. You get all these things, and they’re made in high enough quality that the desk comes with a 5-year warranty.

Aside from their home study desks, they also offer baby furniture such as cribs and changing tables, beds for children, armoires, furniture for storage such as book cases and cabinets, and tables for entertainment systems.