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Reo Smart

This is an American company based in California, and they’re all about making sure that children lead healthy lives through their home furniture. It was founded by a Chinese-American couple named Yang who are parents themselves, and who weren’t able to find a proper desk for their daughter. They finally found an affordable adjustable children’s desk in Taiwan, and had it delivered to their home in the US. Their friends wanted to have the same desk, but they were all unable to find with the same features and the same level of quality without spending too much money. So the Yang family founded their company so that they can import the very same Taiwanese desks they enjoyed for the US market.

Their desks are known for their very high quality, and they are designed to last for a very long while without issues such as loose legs, warped drawers that won’t close or open smoothly, and peeling sides. In addition, they offer height adjustment either by a smooth hand-crank or by a pneumatic lever that enables height adjustments in less than a single second.

The Reo-smart desks look terrific, and their design and build quality are first-rate. They also offer unique tilting angles, and the chairs designed for these desks provide full support for the back so that they can sit comfortably for extended periods of time. At the low prices they ask for, a desk like this is a welcome surprise.

Reo-smart also sells cabinets and various accessories. They also provide standard adult desks and chairs along with cabinets and even mobile stands for entertainment systems.