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This is another excellent German brand that comes out with truly superb desks, chairs, and other study accessories such as storage and desk lamps. It was started by the Moll family as a furniture manufacturer company in Gruibingen, Germany. The Moll brand is actually famous in the children’s desk industry, as they came up with the world’s first children’s desk that was height-adjustable way back in 1974. Today Moll is known for offering desks as part of an overall system, which can be expanded to accommodate future needs, such as extra space for computers and monitors.

Devotees to the brand cite many famous attributes that make Moll special, and the company has received multiple awards through the years that attest to their excellence. Moll products are ergonomic, which means your children always study and work in comfort, and since these items are also adjustable it means they’re be comfortable as they grow bigger. Moll also incorporates ease of use for their work items, so they are all easy to assemble and once they’re set up you can also adjust them with no problems. These Moll items are also famed for their durability too. They’re meant to last for years and they offer a 5-year warranty for their products.

Moll is also proud of their green and safety credentials, which have been certified by respected 3rd party organizations. They carry the Blue Angel badge which is a German certification for products that are friendly to the environment. Their ergonomics and easy adjustments have received seals of approval from the AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rucken), which is an independent testing committee for back-friendly design and ergonomics. Their testing laboratory is authorized by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Today, Moll is the standard to which all other brands of children’s desks are measured and compared. The Moll Champion Adjustable Desk is an absolute stunner, and it will be the only desk your child will ever need even as they grow into adulthood. It’s designed to accommodate users with heights ranging from 3.57 feet to 6.56 feet. It comes with various compartments and tilts for the left or right side. It’s the basic component for the various add-ons you’ll get as your needs expand.