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Little Soleil

“Soleil” means sun in French, and it’s supposed to be pronounced like “So-Lay” as in Cirque De Soleil. But nothing’s really stopping you from pronouncing it with the L in the end, since it’s a series of adjustable desks made by an American company named ApexDesks. It’s actually based in California.

Its location and history is actually tied to its current manufacturing philosophy. Its founders were admitted computer geeks, and they spent too many hours in front of a desk. Sitting for extended periods of time isn’t exactly healthy, and one of them had a bad back injury that kept him from playing his favorite sport. Another one had a wife whose pregnancy affected her lower back. These people couldn’t sit on a chair all day, so these nerds started looking for suitable adjustable desks for their needs.

What they needed was a desk that they could work on whether they were sitting down or standing up. But such desks were very expensive and even the desks that needed to be cranked by hand were pricey. But these computer geeks had an extensive background in computers and manufacturing, so they were able to hook up with efficient Danish designers so they could develop a series of affordable desks. To really cut down on costs, they sent their designs to China where these desks were manufactured.

So that’s how they started, and that’s how they continue to do business. They’re determined to make sure that even children get access to ergonomic chairs that work well and are still affordable. The chairs offer advanced features such as a desktop tilt for up to 60 degrees, and their hand-crank adjustment system was designed by German engineers. To cut down on the costs, they use a laminate surface that’s also easy to clean, and the frame is steel with ABS plastic housing that can still last for a very long while. And best of all, the price tags on these desks are only about 50% of what it costs to buy their more established competitors.

Just because the price is affordable doesn’t mean they’re cheap in quality. The height can be from 21 to 28 inches. The laminate surface is resistant to scuffing and scratching. Even the corners and edges are covered in rubber to prevent accidents. And finally, there’s even a 3-year limited warranty.

All these means is that you can get a useful and comfortable chair for your children without having to break the bank.