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Little Soleil Children’s Chair

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$125,16 $199,99

Last updated at: July 19, 2018 2:12 pm
Little Soleil Children’s Chair

The Little Soleil line of adjustable chair is designed with your child’s growing needs in mind. Seat height, seat depth and backrest can be adjusted independently with ease by twist n lock knobs. You can simply twist open the knob, slide seat and backrest along anchoring rods and lock them into desired positions. It features a five-caster base, and comfortable seat and backrest.

Are you searching for a great solution to improve the productivity of your child at home? Why not give him or her a space to work on. Most of the time, children are inspired when they feel that they have a place where they can do their stuff. One way to do so is by adding Little Soleil Children´s Chair to your child’s room at home. It comes with an adjustable chair which has been primarily designed to meet the growing needs of your child. As a result, the chair is adjustable, for when your child starts to grow in size. Adjustments can be independently done by just using the twist n lock knobs.


  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable backrest height
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Ergonomically contoured design
  • Anti-swivel lock
  • Needs assembly
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Durable steel frame


  • Designed to meet your child’s growing needs
  • Adjustable features
  • Easy assembly
  • Added safety features


  • Chair only. Table available separately


This chair is very easy to use. As a matter of fact, you may easily twist to open the knob, slide the seat and the backrest together with the anchoring rods, locking them to the positions you desire. It also features a comfortable seat, backseat and a five-caster base. The casters have the capability to self-lock when your child is seated. In order to ensure added safety, there is also an anti-swivel lock which can be installed depending on your discretion. There is a table which can fit this model, but it is available for purchase separately.


In order to make the best decision when it comes to choosing the best chair for your child, it may be helpful to take into consideration other options available. For example, you may want to have the flash furniture student desk and chair model. It is a replica of a modern storage desk, with extra features included.

You may want to go with home styles 5532-162 hanover student desk and hutch. The hutch feature offers storage capacity, which ensures that all the items are kept and organized after using them. A lot of customers believe that this product has been constructed well, and find it easy to assemble it.

Another option is the Mainstays student desk. What makes it attractive is its handsome black laminate finish, which adds to its modern look. It needs assembly, but can easily be done with the use of household tools. A lot of customers gave their reviews on these different sets for studying, and many parents give good feedback on the Little Soleil Children´s Chair due to the fact that it can be adjusted to meet the growing needs of children. At the same time, it is also durable and affordable, fitting the budget of the family.


The Little Soleil Children´s Chair has been designed to meet the growing needs of your child. On your part, this is a great way to save money because you no longer have to replace the table of your child every now and then just because you need to comply with their growing needs. Everything in this chair can be adjusted accordingly. It is comfortable enough, not giving them pressure or strain while sitting down. While you may have to purchase a separate table, the chair alone is already a great gift that you can give your child. At the same time, this chair is very affordable, allowing you to save money in contrast with the other models that are available.

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$125,16 $199,99

Last updated at: July 19, 2018 2:12 pm
Little Soleil Children’s Chair