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Best Kids Desks 2017

Kids Desk Test

Children learn very quickly that sitting at a desk will occupy a great deal of their time as they get older. We sit at a childrens desk to study and learn with school materials, and to work in an office. We even sit on a table to eat. According to scientists who study the effects of too much sitting, people spend an average of 9.3 hours sitting a day. The total time we sit on a desk can total up to 5 years of our lives.

So as a parent, you need to get a desk that will encourage your children to stay in place while they do their work in comfort. Since they’re children, the design should appeal to their color preferences. Because they get bigger very quickly, the desks and the chair and tray systems for toddlers should be adjustable for their rapid growth. These need to be ergonomically designed, and they should be durable and strong as well.

Where to buy the best students’ desk? Which desk should you buy? Where to find an impartial test, comparison, and review of the best children’s desks?

We spent some time on research and created this site to answer exactly those questions. Our blog “Kids’ Desks Compared” contains:

  • Comparisons of the best children’s desks
  • Review of children’s and students’ desks
  • Review of the best children’s desk chairs and swivel chairs
  • Price comparisons of children’s and schoolchildren’s desks and desk chairs
  • Comparison tables by children’s ages, prices, and other criteria
  • Advice on buying children’s desks

To choose the best children’s or students’ desk can be a difficult task. There’re many details that you have to think about. What height does a childrens desk have to have? Which desk is usable for which age? Should the tabletop be split into two parts? Should the top or parts of of a student’s desk be adjustable? Whats the best desk for the sitting posture?

We give you a quick overview in our Kids Desk Guide. We have collected details about every desk from different sources and put them in our charts to make them comparable. The foundations for our comparisons are our own tests, detailed info from manufacturers, and customer reviews.


kids bunk bed September 12, 2016 at 11:38 am

Thank you, Amanda Johnson for sharing such helpful information regarding kid’s bunk beds through this blog post. The thought of choosing new beds for my twin was troubling me off late but kudos to your informative post as it enlightened me on the latest design and trends in bunk beds.


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