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Kids Desk Chairs

Childrens swivel chairTo a children’s writing desk belongs the right children’s desk chair. Without a reasonable desk chair for your child the best children’s desk is worthless because no durable ergonomic seating is possible, and back pain is thus inevitable. A children’s swivel chair is one of the main tools. Students often sit at school on nonergonomic chairs at standardized desks that – if at all – happen to match their size. All children are subjected to using the same furniture in the classroom, yet are physically quite different. Because of that it is even more important that your child can sit at home at an adjustable children’s desk on a swivel chair whose backrest and seat depth adapts to the child’s body and learn relaxed. Correct posture prevents headaches and promotes concentration, which ultimately leads to better grades. Here are a few tips to help you find the best children’s desk chair and prepare your child for more joy of learning:

What to look for when choosing a children’s swivel chair ?

  • An ergonomic children’s swivel chair should be easily adjustable by the child
  • Seat height and depth should be possible to set separately
  • The seat height adjustment is decisive for from what height and up to what age your child can use the chair
  • Note the maximal load. The lower the load, the more quickly you will need to replace the chair
  • The height of the backrest should be adjustable separately
  • The diameter of the base should be large enough so as not to tip over
  • Consider whether a model with or without wheels makes sense
  • Price and color selection also play a role. The desk chair is usually for a maximum of 6 – 8 years. Whether it needs to cost over 300USD, depends on each individual’s budget. A wide range of colors makes sense because the chair and the desk make key features of the child’s learning environment.


Children’s Desk Chair winner

In the following list we have compiled our test winner, and summarized the main features for direct comparison.

Little Scholar
Children's Chair
Little Soleil
Children's Chair
Kore Wobble ChairBoss Deluxe
Posture Chair
ImageKinderschreibtischstuhl Test

Kinderdrehstuhl Test

Kinderschreibtischstuhl Test

Best Kids Desk Chair

best ergonomic
design !
best Price
Performance Ratio !
exercise ball
concept !
the classic
Swivel Chair !
Pricefrom 399 USDfrom 129 USDfrom 69 USDfrom 69 USD
MaterialAluminium Frame
Plastic base
Steel Frame,
Seat height
(u can order
different sizes)
5210 +4
Seat depth
(elastic movement)
max. burdennot specifiednot specified250 pounds250 pounds
(no backrest)
dimensions24 x 24 x 36 inches25 x 25 x 33 inches 13.8 x 13.8 x 14 inches25 x 25 x 40 inches
weight27 pounds32 pounds4 pounds27 pounds
castersyes, 5yes, 5
self-locking casters
yes, 5
Double Wheel Casters
reviewreview of PostureDesks Little Scholar Children's Chair review of Little Soleil Children's Chair


Everything You Need to Before You Buy a Kid’s Desk Chair

Wouldn’t it be nice if we can just buy any chair for our kids? But it’s not that simple. It can be confusing, with so many different (and conflicting) suggestions online and from your friends. So in all likelihood, you have lots of questions when it comes to buying chairs for your children. So let’s get right down to it!

Why is a chair for adults often unsuitable for kids?

Here are some possible answers:

  • It’s probably going to be too big when you’re buying for younger kids and not for hulking teenagers.
  • It may not be as comfortable for them as it is for adults. This is especially true for some kids who can’t seem to grasp the concept of proper posture.
  • The look may not be to their liking. Face it; kids have weird tastes in décor. They may not like the basic black or brown leather and opt for neon pink. They may want a look that reminds them of their favorite sports or movies.
  • If your kid is very young, it may not even be safe.
  • They may want a different style like a swivel chair or even just a stool.
  • It may be very expensive, and your kid may damage it. This can be accidental, such as when they spill food and drinks on it.

What do I have to consider before choosing a Kids Swivel Chair?

Before you choose and buy a swivel chair for a kid, there are some factors you need to consider first. Basically, you have to address the concerns we listed regarding the unsuitability of adult chairs.

So here are the factors:

  • Can you afford it? As a parent, it probably falls on you to buy the chair with your money. It’s not really common for a child to save their allowance to get a swivel chair, regardless of how cool it is. So you need to make sure that the chair options you consider are well within your budget.
  • Does the kid like its looks? Kids, like adults, pay a lot of attention on how their swivel chair looks. They want something “cool” except that very few parents really know what that means. It can mean something different for every kid. In fact, what’s cool to a kid now may be embarrassingly passé in a week.

So what can you do? Instead of just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, may be you can pick a few chairs that fit your budget and other needs, and then your kid can pick the one they like. That means it’s their fault when it arrives and they don’t like how it looks. But chances are that they should like it well enough.

  • Does it adjust to your kid’s height? Most good-quality swivel chairs are adjustable, since adults also come in different sizes. But with kids, you need constant adjustments since they insist on growing bigger as time passes. So it has to be easy for your kid to adjust it for themselves.
  • Is it durable? We all have to admit that kids are like forces of nature—they can be as destructive as tornados and earthquakes. So you need to know if it can withstand the Tasmanian Devil cartoonish energy that kids can often demonstrate. The arms should be tough enough to carry the weight of a child, and the swivel parts should work even though you don’t oil it often. The wheels should also roll smoothly. If it gets dirty because of a spilled drink or snacks, it should be easy enough to clean.
  • Is it comfortable for your kid? Firstly, this concerns padding. Kids these days can spend hours on a desk studying (or playing video games), and so they need lots of padding for their butts. You may also want some padding for the armrests.

Often a manufacturer may boast about “ergonomic” features. Check these claims out thoroughly. Check that your kid’s hands lie comfortably when they’re writing, typing on a keyboard, or using a mouse.

If possible, see if the swivel chair can encourage your kid to sit up properly. That’s not always easy, but it can be nice if you can teach your child proper posture. They’ll thank you later in life when they don’t have bad posture as adults.

  • Is it safe? Don’t buy chairs with poor quality parts, and that’s not just because of the durability issue. It’s also because of the safety concern. It may break down while your child is sitting on it, or it may topple over. Look it over and see if there are any sharp edges that can cause cuts and other injuries.

Is a swivel chair better, or should you get a stool like the swopper stool?

Before we go into this discussion, let’s define what a swopper stool is. This is a special stool that offers all kinds of health benefits. It strengthens the back muscles, and helps keep the invertebrate discs healthy. It prevents “congestion” in the legs, and if you use it you can feel energetic and fit all day long. It’s great for adults because it can help prevent backaches. Some swopper stools even have 5-year warranties.

Now this may be good for you, since you’re an adult. The problem with this design is that it doesn’t have a backrest. Can you imagine a child sitting on a desk for long periods of time without needing a backrest? Seriously, sometimes you need to sit back when you need to ponder something, or you just want to take a short break from staring at the PC monitor.

You can ask you kids for their opinion, but it may be better to just get a swivel chair. Even if they pick the swopper stool, they may end up not using it properly—or not using it at all. The swivel chair has a back rest and arm rests, and these features very helpful for children. They offer a lot of comfort, and you need all the incentives you can get to encourage your kids to take their studies seriously.

What is the correct sitting position for a child on a child’s desk?

There are quite a lot of opinions and so-called “facts” online regarding proper posture. But according to doctors (and the National Health Service UK website), people shouldn’t sit in the same position for long periods of time. Your kid should change their position frequently. They should also take lots of short breaks, instead of a few long breaks. A few minutes of rest and some moving around every 30 minutes can be good.

Here are the basic posture rules you may want to teach your kid about:

  • Their back should be against the backrest of the chair. This is why an adjustable chair is crucial so the lower back can be supported.
  • The knees should form a right angle, with their feet flat on the floor.
  • Discourage them from crossing their legs.

If your child is writing on paper, here are some additional tips:

  • The forearms should rest on the desk. The elbows should be level with the desktop, and the elbow should form a 90 degree angle.
  • The neck and shoulders should be nicely relaxed.
  • While the back is straight, it should incline towards the writing desk.
  • The non-dominant hand should be used to secure the paper in place. Your child’s body should face the desk squarely, so the non-dominant hand can support their body weight.
  • Teach the child to tilt the paper at the right slant.

What about when they’re working on their computer? Proper posture for this is important, since in all likelihood your child will spend more time on the computer than on writing manually on paper. Here are some tips that you should teach your child.

  • Leaning forward for extend periods is bad. They should sit back on the backrest instead.
  • Their arms should rest on either the desk or on the arm rest. That may mean bringing the chair up close to the desk and keyboard. The shoulders should also be relaxed. If your kids can make a habit of this posture, they can save themselves a lot of stress on their back in the future.
  • Teach them to be aware if their shoulders hunch up when they’re on the computer. This often happens when they’re playing video games, as excitement can cause the shoulders to hunch up.
  • Set an alarm for every 30 minutes for a 5 minute rest period. They should rest and move around during this time, so they can relax more. Maybe they can get some water, or go to the bathroom.
  • Every now and then, they should also bend back so they can stretch their muscles.

Hopefully, these tips and suggestions have helped you with your chair buying decision. If you’re lucky, the chair you buy can see many years of use before you have to replace it.

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