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Kettler Logo Fun Desk


Last updated at: July 19, 2018 2:12 pm
Kettler Logo Fun Desk

For over 60 years, KETTLER has developed and manufactured products for children and young people. The award-winning line of Kettler School student desks are characterized by high product value and excellent quality. The grow-along desk frames in trendy colors and the sensible, practical accessories make these desks a perfect start in the transition from a child to a teenager’s room.

The Kettler brand has long been known for its innovative designs and high quality in their sports, leisure, and furniture products. Ever since they were founded in 1949, they have used the clichéd excellence of German engineering to introduce newer and more effective designs to meet individual needs. That sort of excellence is quite apparent in their Kettler Logo Fun Desk.


Here are some features you should expect with the Logo desks:

  • The table measures 45 by 29 inches and it can be tilted at an angle so that your child can write, draw, and read more comfortably. The desk is very durable, and it is resistant moisture because it is laminated with melamine resin.
  • There’s also a helpful stop-edge so that documents and pens don’t slip off the desk.
  • The height of the desk can be adjusted by turning a dial, so it can range from 20 to 31 inches.
  • Underneath the desk is a spacious drawer that slides in and out. This is mainly for various craft and school supplies that can be accessed or put away quickly.
  • The look of the design can be customized with decorative rings and colorful panels. Even pink panels are available for your daughter (or sons as there’s nothing wrong with this color preference, is there?)
  • It weighs about 88 pounds, but moving it from one place to another isn’t really a problem. It comes with caster wheels at the base.

Pros and Cons

Many people tend to regard German engineering and manufacturing as automatically superior compared to their counterparts. But it’s hard to dismiss this stereotype when you’re confronted with a product like this Kettler Logo Fun Desk. It is designed to last long, and it’s even protected against spills. The build is of high quality and it can last for many years. Since the height is adjustable, your school-age children can use this well into their teens. You won’t have to keep on buying them new desks to work on.

It looks great as well. As is, it looks simple and functional, but there’s a hint of stylishness about the desk that will appeal to them more as they get older. But they can also personalize its looks with panels and rings in various colors. This gives your children a sense of personal ownership that can get them to use it more frequently.

Since children can spend so much time at this desk, all the convenient features are here. The tilting desk helps with various tasks so that they don’t make a habit of crouching over a desk. A drawer is included storage and easy access. The stop-edge eliminates the annoyance of having papers dropping to the floor. The free space underneath the table also lets your child stretch their legs.

Kettler also recognizes that your children may need more storage room as they get older, and the company does offer attractive and useful accessories for that function. The company also provides shelves so that printers and other equipment can be accommodated.

So what’s the catch? The main problem is that if you want superb German engineering quality, you will have to pay rather high prices. It’s a bit more expensive than other desks made in China or other similar places where quality control is not as important.

But then again you can think of it as an investment, and you can enjoy the sight of your children using it for many years in comfort.

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Last updated at: July 19, 2018 2:12 pm
Kettler Logo Fun Desk