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Crucial Facts about Desk Lamps and Children’s Desks

There was a time not so long ago when children were mostly up and about riding their bikes and playing with other kids before they reach school age. This is no longer true nowadays because kids are likely to be playing games on their gadgets or watching Youtube on the Internet. Fortunately many parents have found out that developing good study habits at a young age helps with their studies as they grow older. This is why providing kids with suitable working desks and lamps may be beneficial for them.

Why Kids Need Study Lamps

kids desk lampIn general, kids need proper lighting if they’re to do their homework or read books on a study desk. A low-hanging light lets a child see colors, text and other reading materials more clearly, and help prevent eye strain. With a desk lamp, you can get the light to focus on the study materials so your child can see them clearly. You don’t get any annoying shadows that usually come up with ceiling lights.

So how do you choose one? The first thing you need to know is that your range of options isn’t confined to just regular desk lamps at all. For some, one good alternative is the clip lamp. As the name says, it has a clip at its base, so you can use the clamp to secure it on the side of the desk.

The clip lamp offers the advantage of not cluttering the desk surface, as it is secured at the edges and out of the way. It’s also very portable, as the child can transfer it easily to their headboard for some late night reading just before they sleep. You may even find some battery-operated units that are truly portable, so your child can use it in class if the teacher says it’s ok.

Then there is the standing lamp. Instead of standing on the desk, it stands on the floor because of its long “trunk”. That also provides you with more desk surface space as you can place it beside the child, and it can also be put right near the bed for some bedside reading. And they can look much more attractive than clip lamps, which may satisfy parents who care about interior design. Of course, the main drawback is that usually standing lamps are more expensive.

3 best kids desk lamps

Features to Look For

Regardless of what you get, you need to check that your desk lamp has the crucial features you need to make sure your child gets proper illumination for their desk work.

  • Proper lighting. Nowadays, this means getting LED lighting for your lamps. They offer more natural lighting that considerably reduces eye strain. These lights have been shown to help with concentration and attention, while they’re also more relaxing and less stressful.Also, they’re the more responsible and environmental choice. They don’t come with harmful chemicals, they’re more energy-efficient, and they last for much longer. And some fluorescent bulbs can get too hot, which present an additional safety hazard for your child.
  • Lighting adjustments. Of course, you can’t just have a naked light bulb for your lamp. You need a cover so that the light shines on the work desk surface and not on your eyes.Then you need some way to adjust the height and position of the light. That usually means an adjustable stem of some sort, so your child can put the light down close to the desk when there’s a need for it, like looking at rather fine details in drawings or working with threads and needles. Sometimes your kid may even want to tilt it up, especially when it’s located by their bed and they’re reading at night.
  • Good looks. Finally, you want to get a attractive desk lamp. For children, that usually means bright colors, for the light cover and for the base. Often kids don’t mind plastic parts all that much, so you can save up from buying antique desk lamps.Of course, as a parent it may be nice to teach your children a few basic lessons about interior design. So you may want to tell about how the style and the color of the lamp should match the style and colors of the desk and of the room in general. This may not work for 3-year olds, but some creative geniuses may understand when they’re 6 or 7 years old.
  • Size. There are two things to address here. First, there’s the size of surface that needs to be illuminated. In general, you’ll want to make sure that entire desk surface is lit up nicely.Then of course you have to consider the size of the lamp itself. You need to make sure it’s not too large and bulky that it occupies too much space on your desk. If you’re getting a stand lamp, you’ll also want to get a lamp that’s appropriate in size for the room it’s in.

The good news is that you have plenty of excellent and affordable options when it comes to desk lamps for children. Just get an extra light bulb so you have a spare when needed.


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