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Best Kids Desks 2017

Kids Desk Test

Children learn very quickly that sitting at a desk will occupy a great deal of their time as they get older. We sit at a childrens desk to study and learn with school materials, and to work in an office. We even sit on a table to eat. According to scientists who study the effects of too much sitting, people spend an average of 9.3 hours sitting a day. The total time we sit on a desk can total up to 5 years of our lives.

So as a parent, you need to get a desk that will encourage your children to stay in place while they do their work in comfort. Since they’re children, the design should appeal to their color preferences. Because they get bigger very quickly, the desks and the chair and tray systems for toddlers should be adjustable for their rapid growth. These need to be ergonomically designed, and they should be durable and strong as well.

Where to buy the best students’ desk? Which desk should you buy? Where to find an impartial test, comparison, and review of the best children’s desks?

We spent some time on research and created this site to answer exactly those questions. Our blog “Kids’ Desks Compared” contains:

  • Comparisons of the best children’s desks
  • Review of children’s and students’ desks
  • Review of the best children’s desk chairs and swivel chairs
  • Price comparisons of children’s and schoolchildren’s desks and desk chairs
  • Comparison tables by children’s ages, prices, and other criteria
  • Advice on buying children’s desks

To choose the best children’s or students’ desk can be a difficult task. There’re many details that you have to think about. What height does a childrens desk have to have? Which desk is usable for which age? Should the tabletop be split into two parts? Should the top or parts of of a student’s desk be adjustable? Whats the best desk for the sitting posture?

We give you a quick overview in our Kids Desk Guide. We have collected details about every desk from different sources and put them in our charts to make them comparable. The foundations for our comparisons are our own tests, detailed info from manufacturers, and customer reviews.

Our recommendations

Here you will find the 4 best products of children’s and students’ desks.
We applied different yardsticks to give you a quick overview of the winners of each category.

 Kettler Comfort DeskLittle Soleil
Study Desk
South Shore Axess Collection DeskKettler Cool Top 
PictureKids Comfort Best Kids DeskLittle Soleil Study Desk
South Shore Axess Students DeskBest Children Desk
Best in CategoryMy Recommendation !good functionality !best Price !
Best Seller !
best Desk
for Students age !
MaterialWood / MetalDesktop Wood
Rack Metal
laminated particle
Pricestarting from 359 $starting from 249 $99 $starting from 349 $
Weight80 pounds64 pounds78 pounds69 pounds
Measures44 x 26 x 31 inches
(height adjustable)
44 x 28 x 27.6 inches
(height adjustable)
42 x 20 x 37 inches
43 x 27 x 31 inches
(height adjustable)
Desktop inclinationYes (adjustable)
Yes (partially adjustable)NoYes (adjustable)
Split DesktopYesNoNoNo
useable for Age5 - 99 Years5 - 18 Years5 - 99 Years8 - 99 Years
SpecialitiesSplit Desktop,
two third can be adjusted -> impossible to bruise fingers
Anti-Scuff and Easy-Clean Laminate Surface
German-Engineered Hand Crank Lifting Mechanism
Plastic Protectors at all Edges, very big drawer under the Desktop
wheels/rolls ?Yes (2)NoNoYes (2)
ReviewShow ReviewShow ReviewShow Review
Show Review

We compared children’s and students’ desks of all kinds on our website to give you all the information you need to select your desk. You will also find a guide to buying a children’s desk there. Klick here to get directly to our Kids Desk Guide.
Students Desk Test 2015

Ökotest students’ desks comparison (2013)

In the last children’s desk test of the Ökotest (Yearbook toddlers 13.01.2013) magazine 9 models were compared and the winners named. In the test the student desk Idimex Carina, the Moll Runner Classic, and the Kettler student desk Cool Top were compared. Ökotest concluded that 4 were only partly suitable. In addition to height adjustment things like pollution and ergonomic seating were tested.Click here for the entire Ökotest article! (german)

Hülsta and Moll are Award winners in the children’s / students’ desk test of Stiftung Warentest

14 student desks were examined by the Stiftung Warentest (issue 06/06). The test criteria were: daily use, safety, freedom from harmful substances, stability, assembling, and remodeling. Although the test is a bit outdated, it is a good overview of what to look for when buying a children’s or students’ desk. We have listed the top 5 desks excerpts here. Find the current models of the manufacturer MOLL here ! The entire student desk test of Stiftung Warentest (in German) can be found here.

Choosing a Desk for Kids

An adult-sized desk is not suitable for kids use because they’re too high and probably too big. You need a desk with the right height. This ensures your child’s comfort and you also want to promote proper back posture.

Actually, the first thing you actually need to get is a proper chair with the right height. Your child should be able to sit with their knees bent 90 degrees, and their feet are flat on the floor. Since children grow up fast, so you need an kids desk chair to keep up with your child’s growth.

Now that we’ve put that out of the way, it’s time to get a desk with the right height. We recommend you get one that’s adjustable too. Adult desks don’t need this feature obviously because adults have reached their permanent height, but for children there’s an absolute need for being able to adjust the desk’s height.

To get the proper height, first have your child sit down on the chair with their elbows bent at their sides. Then, when you slide the chair under the work surface, your child’s bent elbows should be able to slide within an inch or two over the work desk.

For best results, you may want to check that the height adjustment can be performed by your children themselves. It helps them become more responsible and independent. It’s also more convenient for everyone, as they won’t have to wait for you to do the adjustment.

Additional Desk Considerations

So what else do you need to look at when you’re buying a kids desk for your young boy or girl? There’s the price, of course, but you’ll want to consider overall cost-effectiveness over simple price tag. What you don’t want is to just get a cheap desk, and you end up buying another one every year. That’s tiresome and time-consuming. It may be better to spend a little bit more, if you can get one that can last for many years.

  • That leads us to desk durability. You want one made with durable materials so it can withstand rambunctious behavior. A desk that easily topples over isn’t all that great for children.
  • You’ll also need to think about safety. You need to check that there are no protruding sharp edges that can cause cuts. Also, you may want to check on BPA-free materials, just to be on the safe side. Paint finishes for the desk shouldn’t come off easily, especially when your children have a habit of putting food directly on the table.
  • Then there’s also maintenance to consider. Children aren’t the most careful and neatest people, so you want a desk that can deal well with spills, ink blots, and crayon tips. A good surface can easily be cleaned off with a damp rag or cloth.
  • Since kids are all budding hoarders with lots of equipment, you’ll also need to think about storage. You need enough space for their workbooks, pens, pencils, crayons, paint brushes rulers, and what not. The drawer should slide in and out easily.

If possible, maybe you can get a desk with some attachments on the side for your child’s book bag. This makes the book bags more accessible, and off the floor.

Tilting Desk Top

Finally, we come to a new innovation in desks: the tilting desktop. Some desks predetermined settings while others let your child set the angle of the tilt to whatever they want.

Some desks also have a split desktop design, in which only part of the desk tilts while the other part remains flat. For this type of design, you want to get the tilt on the left side of the desk if your child is right-handed. The tilting surface should be on the right if they’re left-handed. Some desks (e.g. the childrens desk Moll Champion) are available

Still, you need a tilting surface because it promotes better posture. Your child doesn’t have to hunch over the workbook while they read, color, paint, or write. Just for reading alone, the benefits are tremendous.

So there you have it. Get the right chair (side rests are great too), the right desk, and the right lamp so your child can start to develop good study habits early.

Correct sitting position at a student’s desk is important

A student can spend several hours per day at a desk. Children can spend over an hour at a desk. An oblique adjustable tabletop is thus almost mandatory to avoid tension and back problems. In Ökotest and Stiftung Warentest’s comparison and reviews the posture also plays a major role. But the chair and its correct height adjustment in relation to the desk is very important.

First experiences with numbers and letters happen as early as kindergarten today. Creative drawing is a popular pastime for many preschoolers. A desk forms part of these activities and marks a new stage in your child’s development. Most children are immensely proud to finally have their own writing desk, and this often represents another milestone on the journey of a child’s education. It is extremely important to choose the right furniture for it. The wrong desk can quickly spoil the fun of learning and other activities. Especially at this age the desk should be adjustable in height and have a tilting plate. Providing a matching desk chair is also important. See our Children’s Desk Chair comparison to find your perfect chair !